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Jahangir Khan - Squash the Khan way
Instruction and drills from ten-times British Open champion Jahangir Khan

Squash The Khan Way

Videos have the fantastic advantage over books that, rather than having to read or be told about how to do something, you can be shown. When it comes to squash there is probably no one better than ten-times British Open champion Jahangir Khan to show you the way.

This video starts from the beginning as do most instructional squash videos with sections on: 1. Technique, 2. Fitness, 3. The Serve, 4. Ground Strokes, 5. Volley 6. Length, 7. Advanced Drills, 8. Tactics.

Rahmat Khan provides much of the expert commmentary and there are guest appearances by Del Harris, Aman Khan, Lisa Opie and Martine Le Moignan.

With demonstations by Jahangir Khan, demonstrations and explanations by Ramhat Khan and advanced gaphics, the viewer is easily led through the eight instructional sections, the key content being the 50 routines demonstated largely by Jahangir.

Here ia a fantastic opportunity to study the technique of the player many regard as the greatest of all time as you assimilate the practices that are presented.

"Practise as much as possible and take advantage of the opportunites before and after a friendly game," exhorts Rahmat Khan and adds: "Book a court regularly for practice instead of just playing a game. Practise with discipline. Sometimes make a game out of it."

This sort of advice is a feature of the video. "Taking lessons from your club pro is a great help and whatever your standard it will improve your game far faster than you could on your own," says Rahmat. Of the 50 practices there will be some that are new to you, and some will be at just the right level for you to start working on your game.

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