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Above the Tin by Jonathon Power
Above the Tin by Jonathon Power

A double-sided DVD covering one hundred of the former World Champion Jonathon Power's favourite squash drills. The drills are accompanied by an interface of useful features including next shot, conditions and options, and difficulty ratings.

This is a cool DVD with Power's 'Dive Guy' logo vibrating like a blue electric wire shorting out at the beginning.

"The following is a collection of my 100 favourite squash drills which I have practised throughout my 25 years of playing squash. These have helped me achieve great success and if executed properly, these can elevate your game to new heights as well," Power explains at the beginning.

There is funky music to gee you along and the other sound effects and graphics will keep you awake. Power is an excellent narrator, he has something to say and he focuses on key points from his experience.

You can see the practice drills and use the facilities of your DVD player to play, pause, step and slow motion the excellent video clips.

A sheet of the 100 practices can be downloaded and printed out. Hit the Play All button for the drills.
The drills are accompanied by an Interface, which has a number of useful features - a little window shows you the next shot to play in the sequence, another shows any special conditons or options that relate to that drill, the drill number is in another window and each drill is rated for its technical and physical difficulty.
For example let's take Drill 8 - the Boast, Crosscourt, Drive, Drive drill. Here traditionally Player A in the back corner (right) would boast, Player B in the opposite front corner (left) would crosscourt, Player A would straight drive and Player B drive, etc.
Power introduces an option so that the player recovering from the front, does not just run through to the back but must also be ready to move forward again.
The Option is: boast any-time after the first drive.

Power advises players to stop and to be ready to move both ways. He says: "Here you need to remain still while he is hitting the ball because he can throw in a boast any time, taking you back to the corner you came from."

This is a brilliant DVD with 100 of the personal practices of the most influential player in recent times. It is a must for anyone who practices or should practise, anyone who wants to get on and for coaches.
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